Port security

International Ships and Ports Facility Security Code
and complement & correction of SOLAS in 2002
Approved on December 12th, 2002

ISPS code issuance is a good result after one positive working year of IMO and task for Maritime Securities from at 22nd session of General Assembly on November 2001 for approving A.924(22) regulation about reconsidering solutions and ordinance to detach terrorist activities which threaten security of customers, ship safety and crews.

ISPS code was approved by one of regulations by Seminar of Governments attending to sign International Treaty on Human Security at sea,1974 (London, 9th to 13th Dec, 2002) approved on Dec,12th,2002.Another regulation notes necessary complements to Episode V and XI of SOLAS; due to this code, following this Code is compulsory from July 1st,2004 if the ISPS code is accepted on Jan,1st,2004. Episode XI has been corrected and numbered to be Episode XI -1 and XI -2 including approved solutions to increase maritime security. ISPS code and its complements (supplements) of Solar in this edition as well as other regulations approved by the Seminar (relating to contents should be completed before ISPS code officially launched in 2004 and ISPS Code consideration, technical co-operation as well as other contents with International Labor Organization and International Customs Office).

The objective of this ISPS code is to set up an international frame relating to governments taking part in signing, government offices, local authorities, shipping lines and ports to discover and evaluate latent security threats, and there are good solutions used in international business relationship to solve negative problems having influence on vessels and ports; to set up the correspondent role and responsibility of all relating sides, at national and international scale to secure maritime activities; to make comparison and quick feedbacks about information relating security; to supply methodology to evaluate security tasks to plan and make process in comparison with changes of security gradient, and strongly to implement appropriate and parallel solutions totally. For these objectives, it is compulsory to  appoint officers or members of crew on board, at ports and shipping lines to prepare  and implement approved security plans. Part A of this code consists of compulsory demands involving in clauses of Episode XI-2 SOLAS 1974 (corrected); Part B of this one is detailed instructions involving clauses of XI-2 SOLAS 1974(corrected) and Part A of this code.

Implementing Decision No 191/2003/QD-TTg dated on September 16th, 2003 on approving complement and correction some episodes of International Treaty on human security at sea. Decision 170/2004/QD-BGTVT of Minister of Transport dated on January 16th,2004 on applying complement and correction in 2002 of SOLAR 74 Treaty and ISPS code.

Quy nhon port has completed security plan evaluation and construction, and Vietnam Maritime Bureau has verified and issued Statement of Compliance of Port Facility no: ISPS/023/VN dated on June 25th, 2004.

 Well understanding application of regulation on international maritime security is so urgent and important to business on Ports. Leaders of Quy nhon port have sent cadres to attend Seminars, training courses of maritime security supplied byVietnammaritimeBureau,Vietnamregistration Bureau and IMO, to set up maritime security board of Quy nhon port  consisting of 6 members headed by director of Quy nhon port.

To implement, Quy nhon port has informed and signed the agreement with shipping lines and relating units such as, frontier guard, customs, police, goods owners and others, having cooperation with transport units to dispatch vehicles in and out of the port conveniently. Port staff must wear name sign, uniform and relating documents. Customers must have legal documents and authorized papers.

 ISPS code (download)

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