Shipping Agent


 - Shipping agency is a service that the shipping agent on behalf of the owner or operator of the vessel to carry out services relating to ships in port operations , including the implementation of procedures for the ship , leaving port ; contract carriage , contract marine insurance , cargo handling contracts , contract hire , contract hire crew members ; drawer lading or equivalent shipping documents , supply of materials investment , fuel , food vessels , the marine protest ; communication with the owner or operator of the ship ; related services to seafarers ; revenue and expenditure amounts related to operations train operators ; resolve disputes over contracts for transportation or maritime accidents and other services related to shipping .

 - The shipping agents : is a person designated as authorized representatives to conduct a shipping agent services according to the mandate entrusted by the port . - The shipping agent may perform services shipping agent for the charterer , charterer or others have a contractual relationship with the owner or operator of the vessel , if the vessel owner or operator agrees .

 ( According to the Maritime Code of the National Association 40/2005/QH11 dated 14/06/2005 ) .

 * Being a seaport operators - with ships agency services , we understand the needs and can help advise shipowners , shippers are optimized to reduce operational costs , provide specialized service agents for bulk carriers , general cargo and container products for export through the Port .

 Details of shipping agency services that we can offer to customers .

Notification of the status of canals , piers , boat capacity release , expected cost to the trust port before the ship arrives.

- Arrange procedures for ships in port , arranging pilotage , wharfage , layout stevedoring operations .

- Arrange fresh water supply services , food , food , spare parts , fuel supply .

- Ship repair , container repair with affordable , competitive .

- The chartering brokerage and advisory information .

- Arrange for passports , visas , health services , and changes repatriation , the protective services agency owners other benefits .

- Arrange maritime expertise , solve maritime disputes , maritime rescue and took control of maritime accidents .


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