Receiving M/v MEGA GRACE, the largest vessel ever coming to Quy Nhon Port
Updated: 11h20 - 07/12/2012
After completing the upgrading profile for the port wharf, on 25 October 2012, Ministry of Transport had decision No: 9037/BGTVT-KCHT, and on 08 November 2012 Vietnam Maritime Administration had decision No: 3129/CHHVN-CTHH on allowing the wharf of 30,000 DWT (wharf No 6) - Quy Nhon port is allowed to receive vessels up to 50,000 DWT (reduced load).

16h30, 04 December 2012, M/v MEGA GRACE (Korean nationality) has a length of 199.93 m, width 32.20 m, and draft 8.30m/8.50m berthed safety at the wharf No 6 of Quy Nhon port.

MEGA GRACE is the largest vessel (47,046 tons) accessing Quy Nhon port for cargo handling from the past to now.  This event has special significance, marking the development and position of the Quy Nhon port to new higher level. Quy Nhon port is capable of handling large vessels up to 50,000 DWT (reduced load), improving handling capacity and releasing fast. This will also reduce costs for customers dealing with im- export activities through Quy Nhon port.

After the vessel’s berth, officers and employees of Quy Nhon Port immediately organized and stevedored cargo. In expectation, M/v MEGA GRACE will berth in Quy Nhon Port in 7 days for handling 25,000 MT of wood chips exported to China.

Huy Quang.

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